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Pasta sauces

Full-bodied, enveloping, light and delicate; sauces that embrace pasta in all its sizes, enhancing its intrinsic features. Refined meat, fresh basil, carefully selected vegetables and prime Italian tomatoes: only the best ingredients, to provide you with sauces and dressings of indisputable quality and unique flavour.

7,00 €

Wild boar ragù 180 g

7,50 €

Walnut sauce 180 g

6,00 €

Tuna sauce 180 g

4,80 €

Tomato sauce 660 g

6,00 €

Tomato sauce 180 g

9,00 €

Spicy green ketchup 200 g

9,00 €

Slightly spicy red ketchup 200 g

6,00 €

Puttanesca sauce 180 g


Extra small baby artichokes, delicious porcini mushrooms, blends and infusions from faraway lands. And again, precious caviar, sought after delicacies from the sea and opulent foie gras. And finally, the noblest among the fruits of the earth: the truffle, able to enrich any dish.

6,00 €

Ortolana sauce 180 g

9,00 €

Orange ketchup 200 g