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December 17th 2016

Matteo Vigotti, Executive Chef

  • Matteo Vigotti Executive Chef
  • Peck kitchen
  • Deli counter

It all started with fresh pasta. It was watching my grandmother kneading and cooking every day that I started feeling passionate about cooking. I used to mess around with raw dough, to look at pots over the fire and at cakes in the oven… She is the one I owe my curiosity and desire to experiment with new flavours. When, as a child, she took me to the market, I watched her buying different types of vegetables and fish that she wished to try to cook out of pure curiosity. And out of the very same curiosity, I tasted everything.

As I grew up, I was lucky and determined enough to combine such a passion with my work, which brought me to engage with leading figures in different parts of the world, from France to Thailand and USA; until I opened my own restaurants on Lake Maggiore, awarded a Michelin Star in 2008.

After years of catering industry and hotel chains, Peck made me fall in love with my job all over again. A magic, complex place, a great team of professionals creating large-scale projects with a high level of quality. A reality that borders on obsession, as far as details are concerned, and determined to always do well.

When I arrived in Peck, in 2001, almost incredulous and disconcerted (positively speaking) for such a perfectionist philosophy, I saw myself in Peck’s values and I started to lead a team of twenty cooks sharing my very same spirit.

All kitchen parties, from fish to fresh pasta, side dishes and gastronomy jellied foods, work with the same spirit of dedication and collaboration, and with a critical sense aimed at confrontation and self-improvement.

Thanks to this team, I have introduced some innovations, such as new cooking techniques and fresh pasta with fillings changing every month.

Christmas is the busiest time of the year, made of research, training, reflection and long preparations.

Tradition is what characterises the Christmas recipes in the ready-made meals’ counter, but every year we propose reinterpretations, innovative recipes looking at international trends and more contemporary presentations of Christmas classics.

So, inside the ready-made meals counter, next to the classic lasagne Bolognese you shall find the one with radicchio and gorgonzola or with basil pesto and prawns; next to the stuffed capon you will see dishes like duck à l'orange or soy-glazed black cod.

Other unmissable delicacies from the gastronomy counter include Russian salad, caviar canapés, lobster pie, lobster in cocktail sauce, small pâtés with goose liver and the undisputed king of festivities, white truffle.

I invite you to discover our products for real gourmands in the Christmas gift sets:

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