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Cherry tomato sauce 330 g

Cherry tomato sauce 330 g

A sweet and fresh sauce made with 100% Italian cherry tomatoes.
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A sauce of a brilliant red colour with a fresh and pleasantly sweet taste. Obtained from high-quality Italian tomatoes, Peck's cherry tomato sauce meets the taste of every palate. The unmistakable pleasant flavour of cherry tomatoes and low acidity make it a must-have product in every Italian pantry.

Ingredients: cherry tomato* (97%), extra virgin olive oil, salt, basil. * Only Italian tomatoes.

Keep away from direct sunlight or heat. Store in a cool place. After opening keep at +4°C and consume within 7 days.

PECK S.P.A., via Spadari 9, Milano - Italia.

Shelf life: 24 months.

330 g

Nutritional declaration (average nutritional values for 100 g): Energy: 161,34 kJ/ 35,2 kcal; Fat: 2,6 g; of which saturates: 0,3 g; Carbohydrate: 3,8 g; of which sugars: 2,3 g; Protein: 0,8 g; Salt: 1,3 g.

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