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Dehusked barley 500 g

Dehusked barley 500 g

Tasteful grains of dehusked barley for dishes with a rich flavour and original recipes.
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Dehusked barley is deprived only of the outer film, which allows the cereal to preserve most of the fibres and nutrients naturally contained in the grain. It is traditionally used to prepare the classic "Dumega soup", a rich dish from the typical gastronomy of the Valtellina district made with barley and pork meat. Excellent if used to prepare fresh salads and risotto, its flour gives birth to light and tasty bakery products.

Ingredients: hulled barley. Contains GLUTEN. May contain traces of SOY.

Store in a cool and dry place. Cooking time: 50/60 minutes.

SALA CEREALI S.r.l., viale dello Stadio 24, Sondrio - Italia.

Shelf life: 10 months.

500 g

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