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Panforte 150 g

Panforte 150 g

Simple and genuine ingredients for one of the most loved cakes of Tuscan Chistmas tradition.
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A typical Christmas cake of ancient origins. A simple yet rich in flavour recipe, with sweet and spicy notes. The encounter of almonds, citruses and oranges gives life to a delicate and unforgettable contrast of flavours. To be paired with another classicfrom the Tuscan tradition, a good Vinsanto, to live the magic of Christmas at full.

Ingredients: Baked product.Ingredients: ALMONDS min. 25%, candied citron min. 21%, sugar, WHEAT flour, candied orange rinds min. 15%, honey, mixed spices, starch wafers, natural flavouring: vanilla bean.

Product subject to natural weight loss. Keep away from heat and store in a dry place.

PECK S.P.A. con socio unico, via Spadari 9, Milano - Italia.

Shelf life: 12 months.

150 g

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