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May 1st 2015

Peck at Palazzo Italia

Peck, the historical food brand of Milan gets to Palazzo Italia as a natural recognition of an icon that built its long history on food.

Its restaurant on the fourth and fifth floor at Palazzo Italia, into the Italy Pavilion, is open for breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner. Roofed with a spectacular transparent “sail”, which shows the architectural structure, the restaurant – on the fourth floor – is directed by the starred Chef Matteo Vigotti, who reinterprets the most appreciated Italian recipes in his menu, to praise the raw materials strictly selected by Peck.

The wine list includes a wide range of Italian labels and represents a wine overview of the Italian regions.

The terrace on the fifth floor, the highest point in the exhibition site, offers a unique view on Lake Arena and Albero della Vita, the Tree of Life.

The restaurant Peck a Palazzo Italia is already a coveted location for exclusive events and the place where institutional dinners of the delegations of Expo take place.

A selection of Peck products is available in the official store of the Italy Pavilion on the ground floor, as a summary of the wide offer of food products you can find in the shop in via Spadari 9.

Peck conveys more than 130 years of experience as a selector and manufacturer of top-quality products into the gastronomic celebration of the biodiversity of Italy in its best representative products: from bluefin tuna caught in the Mediterranean Sea to the Parmigiano selected among the best cheese-houses in the parmesan mountains, from Ligurian Taggiasca olives to baby artichokes from Paestum... until the “products of the Duomo”: artisan cured meats and fresh cheeses produced into Peck’s laboratories in via Spadari 9.

Peck and the Italian Pavillon share a common goal: developing the excellence of Made in Italy

The institution of the Milanese gastronomy since 1883 turns into Art of Reception also in the Restaurant “Peck at Palazzo Italia”, standing for the business card of the Italian enogastronomy, not only for the food offer, but also for the quality of serving and welcoming the guests, who will have the chance to experience and appreciate the Italian values that the Italy Pavilion wants to represent.

The distinctive feature of Peck restaurants is the exclusive use of the raw materials sold in the shop a few steps from the Duomo. This choice arises from the awareness that the quality of a dish depends on the quality of each ingredient used to prepare it. Visitors of the Italy Pavilion will have the chance to live a unique gastronomic experience into Peck Restaurant at Palazzo Italia, directed by Michelin star chef Matteo Vigotti: they will taste the dishes inspired by Peck recipes and get lost in the wide selection of wines in a refined and sophisticated atmosphere.

Peck has always had in its DNA the commitment to produce the most representative gastronomic specialties of its offer on its own, and the will to collaborate with Italian small producers of excellence.

This approach has helped many quality small food businesses, often in the origin area, to expand and reach new national and international markets and consumers through our showcase.

We think this is a virtuous example of integration in our own production chain, that enables Peck to offer the best to its customers, and the chance to grow to the enterprises that work with us; all this benefits the Italian system.

Peck’s vocation for quality is increasingly associated with the commitment to the respect of the environment and to sustainability through initiatives aiming at saving energy, achieving zero emissions operations and reducing food waste.

In 2013 Peck started a global technological innovation program for its production plant, including the use of ground water as a heat source, in order to save energy and reduce the environmental impact.

In line with the Vivaio concept, education and enhancement of young people is part of the Company tradition: One of the main goals is transmitting passion and culture for guest service to the youth.

The longstanding collaboration agreements with academies and educational institutes, useful to train the staff for different job positions required in a restaurant, have been further enhanced for Expo 2015. In particular, to cope with the expected increasing guest flow in the city, we have recently started a project of professional training courses in collaboration with Istituto Professionale Servizi per l’Enogastronomia e l’Ospitalità Alberghiera Carlo Porta, in order to provide the young participants with an excellent preparation in line with our quality standards.

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