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May 28th 2015

Peck SpA chooses Massimo Furlan as CEO and presents the property’s new course

  • Peck Massimo Furlan
  • Peck Massimo Furlan

Peck, Milan iconic brand representing the excellence of the Italian gastronomy in town and abroad for more than 130 years, announces the appointment of the new CEO Massimo Furlan, in office since April 1st 2015.

The property

Exactly 2 years before, in April 2013, the ownership reverted back from the Stoppani family – who had managed it for 43 years – to Pietro Marzotto, who had already acquired share majority over it in 2011.

Massimo Furlan, new CEO

The choice to call Massimo Furlan suits the Marzottos’ strategic vision. From Veneto, disinclined to conventions, a man of few words but of many actions, from the 1994 start-up to 2006 he was General Manager of the Pelican Hotel, Renzo Rosso’s Diesel hotel in Miami Beach. Back to Italy, for 9 years (from 2007 to March 2015) he was Food & Beverage Director of la Rinascente, where he dealt with planning food retail. Here, following the opening of Food Hall in the company’s various department stores, he brought sales volumes from 2,600,000 to over 30 million euros.

“Peck has always been known for the obsessive search for quality and for the care given to each individual product. The arrival of a top manager like Massimo Furlan – explains Leone Marzotto, company’s Vice President – adds order and efficiency to the above, and an international experience in the field of retail and food service, essential qualities to the brand development abroad”.

For his part, Massimo Furlan’s vision of the brand future is clear: “To make Peck a daily pleasure, under the sign of indulge yourself”.

Peck key points

This means

Brand identity: to exploit the brand’s history and tradition, interpreting it in a modern way, by new means and towards new targets.

Lifestyle: to be experienced in Peck’s different realities, the flagship store on Via Spadari 9, Al Peck and Peck Italian Bar restaurants and the catering service.

Unconditional pursuit of quality: every product is the result of careful selection and a ruled-based processing of raw materials, whose knowledge is long established. In addition to this, there is the creativity of the kitchens’ protagonist, the previously Michelin-starred chef Matteo Vigotti.

Customer service culture: as constant commitment to improvement. The new opening hours – which now includes the evening slot and Sundays – represents the will to provide customers with an ever-higher quality service.

Development abroad: taking the high-level Italian gastronomy to the major international capitals.

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