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Sechwan pepper 30 g

Sechwan pepper 30 g

A warm, pungent spice, so efficient that it is called pepper.
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A spice coming from the faraway China, mainly grown in the Sichuan region, after which it is named. Berries with an unusual scent of lemon, warm notes of wood, and a peppery - though not spicy - taste. Paired with olive oil and lemon, it is perfect to season grilled fish; excellent also in the preparation of asparagus or artichoke creams.

Ingredients: 100% Sichuan pepper. Country of origin: China.

Store in a cool and dry place.

PECK S.P.A. con socio unico, via Spadari 9, Milano - Italia.

Shelf life: 3 years.

20 g

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