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Of fragrant biscuits accompanying a coffee; of honey and sugar sweetening your awakening; of jams and marmalades all to spread. And then chocolates, mellow and velvety, one for each occasion. A sea of sweetness for making every pause unforgettable.

8,50 €

Walnuts in acacia honey 230 g

32,00 €

Veneziana 1 kg

8,50 €

Toasted hazelnuts in acacia honey 230 g

8,50 €

Sunflower honey 250 g

12,50 €

Strawberry tree honey 250 g

7,50 €

Strawberry extra jam 350 g

7,50 €

Raspberry extra jam 350 g

11,00 €

Quadrotti butter cookies 260 g


Extra small baby artichokes, delicious porcini mushrooms, blends and infusions from faraway lands. And again, precious caviar, sought after delicacies from the sea and opulent foie gras. And finally, the noblest among the fruits of the earth: the truffle, able to enrich any dish.

7,50 €

Quadrotti butter cookies 200 g

7,50 €

Peaches extra jam 350 g