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Single origin coffee Indonesia Kopi Tongkonan Toraja 125 g

Single origin coffee Indonesia Kopi Tongkonan Toraja 125 g

Precious single origin coffee beans, the best choice to maintain all its organoleptic characteristics unaltered and offer every palate the perfect grinding.
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The Torajan people live in what they refer to as the Land of the Heavenly Kings. Here, on the volcanic soils of the island of Sulawesi,"Kopi Toraja Tongkonan" is grown.
The precious jade-green coffee beans are kept in 1.5 kg cotton bags in small carved barrels, richly decorated with symbolic images.
In the cup, it emanates chocolate and almond notes; the taste is sweet and spicy, slightly smoked; the body is full and rich, with a mild acidity.

Ingredients: Roasted coffee beans.

Store in a cool and dry place.

PECK S.P.A. con socio unico, via Spadari 9, Milano - Italia

Shelf life: 24 months.

125 g

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