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Black, kidney and white beans, extra-small chickpeas and precious lentils. Legumes and cereals among the best fruits of the earth, ready to turn into your favourite dishes, for gourmand-proof side dishes and soups.

15,00 €

Lamon kidney-beans 500 g

8,50 €

Cannellini beans 500 g

5,50 €

Dehusked barley 500 g

9,00 €

Black beans 500 g

9,00 €

Kidney beans 500 g

6,00 €

Chickpeas 500 g

15,50 €

Corona white beans 500 g

8,00 €

Lentils from Castelluccio di Norcia PGI 500 g


Extra small baby artichokes, delicious porcini mushrooms, blends and infusions from faraway lands. And again, precious caviar, sought after delicacies from the sea and opulent foie gras. And finally, the noblest among the fruits of the earth: the truffle, able to enrich any dish.

6,50 €

Cereals soup 500 g