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Giuseppe Cipri wine cellar Manager

December 21st 2016

Giuseppe Cipri, wine cellar Manager

The pleasure to accompany you around the most important wine regions in the world.

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Galileo Reposo Pastry Chef

December 20th 2016

Galileo Reposo, Pastry Chef

Peck’s patisserie intent of delighting every customer’s eyes and palate.

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Matteo Vigotti Executive Chef

December 17th 2016

Matteo Vigotti, Executive Chef

The star of the kitchen, where raw materials are sublimated by perfect cookings and innovative techniques.

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Davide e Albino Tirelli cheese makers

December 18th 2016

Davide e Albino Tirelli, cheese makers

The story of an ancient craft, among tradition, research and evolution.

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Paolo Schiavone Head butcher and charcutier

December 15th 2016

Paolo Schiavone, Head butcher and charcutier

The secrets of butchery and charcuterie, from the very heart of Peck’s tradition.

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Bruno Paillard

December 1st 2016

Wine sessions - Bruno Paillard

Champagnes with a clear and immediately recognisable personality.

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Frescobaldi estate

November 17th 2016

Wine sessions - Frescobaldi

High-quality wines that interpret the intrinsic characteristics of the terroir of origin.

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Gonet Médeville

November 3rd 2016

Wine sessions - Gonet Médeville

Champagnes that are incredibly elegant, delicate and easy-to-drink.

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Fratelli Parusso

October 20th 2016

Wine sessions - Parusso

From the heart of the Barolo district, wines of rare elegance.

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