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Salt and spices

A burst of colours, flavours and scents in this section dedicated to salt and spices among the most sought-after. A real journey around the world through small glass jars charged with wonders; from Sicily to Madagascar, from Persia to Jamaica, a journey into unique and unforgettable flavours and aromas.

19,50 €

Saffron stigmas 1 g

14,00 €

Danish smoked sea salt 110 g

13,00 €

Madagascar sea salt with Baourbon vanilla 80 g

10,00 €

Hawaiian red sea salt 110 g

10,00 €

Hawaiian black sea salt from from Molokai Island 110 g

8,00 €

Fior di Sicilia sea salt 105 g

8,00 €

Persian blue salt 100 g

8,00 €

Penja smoked pepper 60 g


Extra small baby artichokes, delicious porcini mushrooms, blends and infusions from faraway lands. And again, precious caviar, sought after delicacies from the sea and opulent foie gras. And finally, the noblest among the fruits of the earth: the truffle, able to enrich any dish.

8,00 €

Sechwan pepper 30 g

7,00 €

Pink pepper 25 g