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November 3rd 2014

Peck arrives in Seoul

Peck Seoul

The excellence of the italian cuisine open in the new Lotte World Tower

Peck, the Milanese gastronomy institution founded in 1883, continues its international expansion with the opening of a new deli-shop and restaurant in Seoul, South Korea. Peck has been chosen as sole European food brand in the prestigious AvenueL, the luxury brands department store inside Lotte World Tower (in the new commercial area of Jamsil).

Located on the 6th floor, which hosts premium food brands, the shop is distributed on 950 square meters, and – just like the flagship store on Via Spadari - it includes an area devoted to food service and one devoted to fresh and confectionery products sale.

Food service. Alongside the restaurant Al Peck, with open kitchen and fresh pasta laboratory, in the new Peck there are also a gourmet pizza counter, a cafeteria and a room devoted to the tasting of gourmet products and outstanding wine labels. The restaurant Al Peck proposes a menu of traditional dishes, inspired to Peck’s recipes and to its wide range of delicacies. It stands out for the sole use of prime raw materials sold in the shop and for the impeccable service.

The sales space. The shop proposes Peck’s fresh and confectionery specialties, deli, fruit and vegetables and the prestigious wine cellar, hosting wine and distillates labels from all over the world.

Seoul’s shop is characterised by the products’ quality and the care given to the service, typical of Peck. The Milanese top-quality gastronomy tradition arrives in such a faraway market both exporting its most representative products (extra virgin olive oil, Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano, durum-wheat semolina pasta, flour, and so on) and selecting the best local ingredients.


Peck was born in 1883, when Franz Peck, a charcutier from Prague, opened a workshop on via Orefici 2, a few steps from the Duomo of Milano, dreaming to turn it into the best deli-shop in town. The city, by then considered the Central European capital of fine food, answered enthusiastically, and Peck rapidly became a reference point for habitual customers, among which the Italian Royal Household and the city’s best families. Since then, the Milanese gastronomy successful story has continued up to present days, intertwining with the story of the entrepreneur families, who time after time have guided Peck – enriching the know-how with new forms of experience. So, from late 1800s shop selling cured and smoked meats, Peck has progressively broadened its horizons, becoming what it is today: the shop where to find every kind of high-quality delicacy; a haven for those longing to re-discover the taste of tradition; the destination for those looking for new frontiers in the international cuisine.

The deli-shop and the production labs are distributed on more than 3.000 square meters, and include the butcher-counter, the grocery, the cheese-area, the ready-made hot and cold dishes, the deli-counter, the bakery, the wine cellar and the gourmet restaurant. More than 100 people, experts in the art of food processing, work on a daily basis to provide customers only with the finest products. The selection of the best producers and suppliers goes hand in hand with the will to self-produce the most representative items of its offer.

Peck exclusive services include the shop, two restaurants (Al Peck and Peck Italian Bar), a catering service, e-commerce, gift sets, and home delivery.

Today, Peck is present in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea; the goal for future development is to bring the Italian quality in the world, opening deli-shops and restaurants in the major international capitals.

Peck at Palazzo Italia - Italy Pavillon - Expo Milano 2015

On the occasion of Expo Milano 2015 Peck will represent the Italian excellence in top restaurant and catering service, after obtaining the concession for the restaurant at Palazzo Italia.
"Excellence, Italian taste, respect for tradition, commitment to innovation and sustainability are the pillars our cuisine is based on: the values through which we are committed to represent Italy in the world."

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