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Bakery products

The place for Christmas cakes, delights prepared from skilful hands and baked with love; the place where the Italian confectionery tradition gives its all, showing a variety of specialities that gladden festivities and morning breakfast. Only prime ingredients, passion and a lot of taste.

65,00 €

Panettone 2 kg

158,00 €

Panettone 4 kg

34,00 €

Panettone arancia, ananas e zenzero 1 kg

34,00 €

Panettone pere e cioccolato 1 kg

45,00 €

Panettone pistacchio, caffè e cioccolato bianco 1 kg

32,00 €

Pandoro 1 kg

32,00 €

Veneziana 1 kg

32,00 €

Panettone 1 kg

Christmas Gift

Here, you shall find only the most exquisite foods, the rarities and the excellence. A moment in which food turns into art.

  • Christmas 2019

    Christmas 2019: online orders delivery

    For all the purchases made after the 17th of December we cannot guarantuee the delivery by Christmas day