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Coffee, tea and infusion

Coffee beans carrying aromas and sensations from the plantations devoted to the production of the morning drink par excellence. White, green and black teas, grown in faraway gardens and on majestic uplands; and then infusions, the ones for sweetening and brightening up even the longest day.

16,00 €

Single origin coffee Nepal Mount Everest 125 g

12,00 €

Single origin coffee Malawi Pamwamba AA 125 g

8,00 €

Single origin coffee India Plantation A 125 g

8,00 €

Single origin coffee Guatemala Huehuetenango 125 g

8,00 €

Single origin coffee Ethiopia Sidhamo tin 125 g

10,00 €

Single origin coffee Costa Rica Tarrazú 125 g

8,00 €

Single origin coffee Colombia Supremo Huila 125 g

16,00 €

Single origin coffee Burundi Kibuye 125 g


Extra small baby artichokes, delicious porcini mushrooms, blends and infusions from faraway lands. And again, precious caviar, sought after delicacies from the sea and opulent foie gras. And finally, the noblest among the fruits of the earth: the truffle, able to enrich any dish.

8,00 €

Single origin coffee Brazil Yellow Diamond Cerrado 125 g

6,50 €

Decaffeinated coffee 125 g