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Preserves from the land

Tomatoes, baby onions, pickles; and then olives, whole or crushed, green or black, but always of the best quality. Fruits and vegetables preserved so to bring to the table scents and flavours as still intact in every moment. The place where to store good food, to find it unchanged whenever you want.

6,00 €

Salted capers from Salina 140 g

9,00 €

Sun-dried tomato paste in extra virgin olive oil 185 g

6,00 €

Capers from Salina in wine vinegar 200 g

8,00 €

Baby onions in wine vinegar 200 g

9,50 €

Onions in sweet-and-sour sauce 200 g

9,50 €

Sundried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil 200 g

10,00 €

Green olives in brine 300 g

7,00 €

Black Taggiasca olive paste in extra virgin olive oil 185 g


Here, you shall find only the most exquisite foods, the rarities and the excellence. A moment in which food turns into art.

29,00 €

White asparagus with mustard grains in oil 500 g

15,00 €

Red Radicchio of Treviso PGI in oil 360 g

  • Summer 2018

    Summer 2018

    We inform our customers that the shop will be closed from monday 13th to sunday 19th of August.