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Capers from Salina in wine vinegar 200 g

Capers from Salina in wine vinegar 200 g

Scented and flavourful, the perfect ingredient to add taste to every dish.
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Peck's salted capers from Salina in wine vinegar are perfect to enhance the flavour of salads and main courses, both of meat and fish. Harvested on the coasts of Salina, an island north of Sicily, they are preserved in wine vinegar in order to keep theirfreshness and genuineness unaltered. Rinse them under running water before using them and enjoy all their original flavour.

Ingredients: capers, wine vinegar (SULPHITES), water, salt.

Store in a cool place.

PECK S.P.A., via Spadari 9, Milano - Italia. Prodotto in Via Provinciale 33, Malfa - Isola di Salina (ME).

Shelf life: 2 years.

200 g

Nutritional declaration (average nutritional values for 100 g): Energy: 96 kJ/23 kcal; Fat: 0,86 g; of which saturates: 0 g; Carbohydrate: 4,89 g; of which sugars: 0 g; Protein: 2,36 g; Salt: 7,5 g.

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