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Preserves from the land

Tomatoes, baby onions, pickles; and then olives, whole or crushed, green or black, but always of the best quality. Fruits and vegetables preserved so to bring to the table scents and flavours as still intact in every moment. The place where to store good food, to find it unchanged whenever you want.

12,00 €

Green olives in brine 280 g

8,00 €

Black Taggiasca olive paste in extra virgin olive oil 185 g

17,00 €

Peppers stuffed with capers and anchovies 200 g

30,00 €

Sweet and sour white asparagus 590 g

20,00 €

Sweet and sour peppers 524 g

25,00 €

Red Radicchio of Treviso in oil 330 g

12,00 €

Chestnuts in light syrup 400 g